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Elvis Van Gogh

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Art Review

The number 6 written on the painting by Elvis refers directly to his third single record and the sixth song recorded with Sun Studios label. The song title is "Milk Cow Blues Boogie" written by K. Arnold and recorded by Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys in August 1954.

The painting is of a Holstein dairy cow. The Presley's owned a milk cow at one time. The Van Gogh Museum has authenticated paintings of Holstein cows painted by Vincent van Gogh. The references for the Holstein cow painting are "Lying Cow", The Hague, August 1883 F 1C, JH 389 and "Lying Cow", The Hague, August 1883 F 1B, JH 388. The oil on canvas signed by Elvis was painted in 1883 at The Hague. The location and date are documented in the painting. The ox legs are similar in style to "Cart with Red and White Ox" painted by Van Gogh, July 1884, F 38 and JH 504. Please note the face of man with dark hair covering one eye and smoking a cigarette on the side of the cow on this webpage of "Cow in the Meadow" signed by Elvis. The Van Gogh authenticated painting "Potatoe Planting" F 172, JH 514 is of a red and white ox pulling a plow. On the side of the ox, in the large red spot closest to the rear of the ox is the black outline of a face smoking a cigarette.

Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. confirmed they have no record or examples of Elvis ever painting. However, it is documented that Elvis did sign pictures by other artists.

Bruner, Christo Associates, Inc. nationally recognized forensic document examiners authenticated the handwriting for Elvis A. Presley's signature on the front and the dedication written on the canvas on the reverse. This authentication is based on authentic Elvis A. Presley signatures provided by Graceland and a copy of a letter written by Elvis to President Richard Nixon.

Janet Gwendolyn Smith has declared the painting attributed to Vincent van Gogh. This is based on physical review of the painting and various types of photography including x-ray. The painting is signed by the artist. The date painted is 1883. The location is "The Hague". The location, year painted and artist name is visable within the painting.
Speckin Forensic Laboratories provided ink analysis using microscopy, infrared examination, solvent testing for solubility and colorfast testing. They confirmed no alterations, ink consistent with 1952 and the type of writing instrument used. They discovered the second Elvis #6 written on the face of the painting using infrared examination.

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