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Elvis Van Gogh

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Copyright Filing

The original owner before his death filed Form VA with the United States Copyright Office and The Library of Congress. The registration number is VAU 234 738, filed on August 14, 1992. Item #4 Copyright Claimants is the deceased owners statement "Gift from Elvis in mid 50s for picking him up hitchhiking when his car brokedown." The date of creation in Item #3 a) is 1952.
The original owner believed Elvis A. Presley painted the picture because Elvis signed the painting. During his lifetime the original owner had no knowledge of Vincent van Gogh as the attributed artist.

All images are copyright by the owner. Any reproduction of the images in any form or format is violation of the owner's copyright. The text written and transcribed above is copyright protected by Janet Gwendolyn Smith Art with the permission of the owner.

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